Corsair creates the RMx line based on the RMi series design

Posted on September 14, 2015, 17:20

#How many RM lines can we have? More than two, apparently. The new RMx line is already in the reviewers' test setups, and soon enough it will also arrive in shops all over the world.

Insides, specifications and differences from RM and RMi lines

The RMx line consists of five units - RM550X, RM650X, RM750X, RM850X and RM1000X.
Internally, they use the same design (manufactured by CWT, designed by Corsair engineers) that is also present in the newest RM750/850 and the Corsair RMi series. The RMx won't have Link capability at all, but they will use the Type 4 cables implemented in the RMi series, with extra sense wires and built-in capacitors that reduce ripple and load regulation to the minuscule values you see in the RMi reviews. They will also use a Rifle bearing fan isntead of an FDB one.

Series Model OEM Platform Design layout Fan operation
Efficiency +12V capacity
Cables Number of PCI-e connectors Launch price


CWT Corsair custom
(RM v2, RMi, HXi)



Semi fanless 80+
Fully modular

Type 4 with sense wires and internal capacitors
2x 6+2pin $109


4x 6+2pin $119



6x 6+2pin $149
8x 6+2pin $179

The design has already proven itself in the reviewers' test labs, and uses most of the high-end inventions and technology, such as an LLC resonant converter implemented on the primary side to supply the choppers with zero-voltage switching and improve efficiency, minor rails (+5V and +3.3V) generated from +12V using DC-DC converters, and synchronous rectification of the +12V rail (which doesn't need a dedicated choke on the secondary side, thanks to the LLC resonant converter earlier).

The main transformer is positioned closer to the side rather than towards the middle, which helps with proper airflow throughout the PSU casing. The wires transferring load from the main PCB to the modular PCB are thick, with lower resistance and voltage drop compared to thinner wires.

What you aren't going to see inside your units is the compact Corsair Link control board, which is present on the design photos (as they come from the RMi series). RMx won't have Link at all, so naturally it won't have the control board either.

And just like in RMi, the lower-powered RMx units are slightly different in layout from the higher wattage brothers - the most noticeable difference is a shortened main PCB, since the <=650W units don't need a second main capacitor to occupy space.

All units are rated at 50 degrees C, and come with 7 year warranty.

Availability in the USA

The RMx series is exclusive to Newegg in the United States. The rest of the world markets will get their regional versions of the RMx as usual, and the series will eventually replace the original RM series there. In the US, stores other than Newegg will continue to sell the original RM series.

The price is lower than the RMi series (obviously), and is expected to fall further down soon after the official store release. It gets close to the pricing of the EVGA G2 series, which widely regarded as great value.

RMx will become available in stores a bit sooner than a month from now. Click here to see the Corsair page in the platform database.

Corsair RM750x
Corsair RM750x
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