Corsair upgrades the warranty on the RMx, RMi, HXi and AXi series from 7 to 10 years

Posted on March 24, 2016, 21:45

#In a generous move, Corsair decided to upgrade the usual, 7-years-long warranty of their RMx, RMi, HXi and AXi units to 10 years. 

The upgrade is retroactive, which means that if you already have one of these PSUs, then your unit benefits from 10 year warranty as well.

They are likely aiming to match EVGA's generous 10 year warranty on their G2 and P2 series. EVGA is currently offering 7 year warranty on the G2 550W/650W models, 10 year warranty on the 750W and higher G2 models, as well as 10 year warranty on every P2 unit they have.

The information comes straight from Corsair's PSU PM, Jon Gerow:

RMi, RMx, HXi and AXi now have a 10 year warranty. - JonnyGURU forums

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