HEC introduces 3 new 80+ Gold platforms - TG, TP, and TPK

Posted on March 10, 2017, 20:16

tp.pngWe haven't seen a new design from HEC for a long time, with the exception of a double forward DC-DC design in Cougar LX and EVGA 700B. Finally they give us some new platforms to look at.

The first one is called TG. HEC has had a "TG" OEM series for quite a long time now (Raidmax Vampire series is assumed to use it), but the current design is vastly different. From here, we will call it New TG.


The unit uses a classic "left to right" layout, but all applied technologies tick off the marks of a modern, higher end PSU: half bridge LLC resonant converter primary side with DC-DC-generated voltages on the secondary side. 

The two bridge rectifiers didn't make it to the primary heatsink, and are instead free-standing nearby without additional cooling. You may notice HEC used a transformer previously unseen in their designs - it's the same type as CWT uses in their GPU platform (seen in BitFenix Whisper). They aren't the same transformer (with the notable difference being the output taps, where they are on top of the transformer in CWT GPU), but they do use similar structure.

The unit on the picture uses Teapo secondary capacitors (presumably TC and SC series), but brands can change that to their will.


Another platform that left the Weishuo Electronics manufacturing line is HEC TP. You can instantly see how different it is from new TG. The unit doesn't use a standard "left to right" arrangement so layout and "flow" can be confusing at first. I labelled the significant sections of the design for you in the picture on the right.

If I didn't know it came from HEC, I would assume this is a new high-end platform from CWT, Super Flower or a similar manufacturer. The layout employs all important technologies expected in a good PSU. It's highly possible that HEC worked on it in collaboration with Sirfa and Super Flower engineers, since they all know each other well. The latter uses the former two as a contract manufacturer.

The platform looks very promising, and if it also achieves good performance and doesn't skimp on protections, then HEC could earn enough respect to repair its bad reputation among enthusiasts.

There's also another platform coming, HEC TPK:

You could easily say that it's the same thing as HEC TP above, but there's one significant difference: this TPK uses a single-layer PCB (like all of HEC's previous platforms), while HEC TP uses double-layer PCB. You can differentiate between the two by looking at the PFC coil: single layer TPK uses an unshielded one, while dual layer TP uses a "transformer-type" coil.

As of today it's unknown if these three designs have been picked up by any popular brands such as Corsair, EVGA or others. This site will keep you informed in case of any leaks... as always!

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