New, DC2DC-equipped Corsair CX units appear at Newegg

Posted on February 11, 2016, 09:35

# Hopefully you still remember the article from October, which revealed the existence of the new, technologically advanced CX series. They can finally be yours since today.

The new units are CX450, CX550 and CX650, and their model numbers are RPS0027, RPS0028 and RPS0029 respectively. The most important difference from the older generation is a completely new internal design, which ditches the outdated standard of group regulated voltages and employs DC-DC converters. The only thing coming off the main transformer is just +12V, with the minor rails derived from it using VRMs. In a sense, by loading +5V and +3.3V rails in power supplies like these, you're actually loading the +12V rail. There are several advantages of this solution:

  • The stability of each individual voltage is no longer dependent on the load you put on the other rails. In group regulated designs (like CX430-600, EVGA "White" and B500-600, or Seasonic S12II Bronze) the +12V and +5V rails share an output choke, so if you put a big load on one of them (e.g. most of the power on +12V), the other may go out of spec. In DC-DC designs, every output voltage rail is truly independent from each other.
  • The +12V rail alone can handle almost all of the PSU's rated wattage. You can't do it in group regulated designs, because if you tried to load a 500W PSU by putting full 500 watts on +12V rail alone, the minor rail voltages would often go far out of spec. That's why group regulated 500W units are rated for around 450W on the +12V rail - to get the full 500 watts, you just have to put the remaining 50W on the minor rails so they stay stable. In DC-DC units, you can go ahead and put everything on +12V. The other rails don't care. 
  • DC-DC converters are more efficient than classic designs, and the components used to make them also heat up less.
Model OEM Platform Technology Efficiency +12V capacity
Cables Number of PCI-e connectors Current price


CWT Custom by Corsair   DC-DC, synchronous rectification
Semi-modular 2x 6+2pin


2x 6+2pin
4x 6+2pin


4x 6+2pin $84
$99 (M)
CX850M 70A
Semi-modular 4x 6+2pin $120

The new CX450-650 units are also covered with Corsair's 5 year warranty, as opposed to 3 year warranty on the old CX430-600 models.

As usual, remember not to be too eager to get these new goodies and wait until they get properly tested and reviewed, to see how they stack up against the competition.

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