Raidmax preparing their first 80+ Titanium PSU, based on Andyson's high performance design

Posted on August 7, 2015, 12:51

#Raidmax RX-700AT will be based on Andyson's N series platform, already reviewed a while ago at JonnyGuru and TechPowerUP. The test results and score of 9.9 speak for themselves, and clearly show that Andyson's design isn't only capable of reaching sky-high efficiency, but also has tight voltage regulation, great ripple control and highly durable components to go with it - you're getting the whole package.

Now the only real bummer is simple: no store whatsoever seems to carry this unit in their stock. Raidmax has a chance to finally distribute this unit to consumers who were impressed by its achievements.

The unit will sit in Andyson's new product line, appropriately called "Monster". It will feature semi-modular cables and four PCI-Express connectors, like the unit it's derived from. It will be a great way to acquire this affordable 700W 80+ Titanium design in USA and other markets (since the original Andyson N 700W isn't widely available), and also a chance for Raidmax to improve their reputation amongst enthusiast builders.

Series Model OEM Platform OEM design photo Operating voltage
Efficiency +12V capacity
Cables Number of PCI-e connectors
Monster series
Andyson N



Semi-modular Four
(one cable modular, one fixed)

Here's an overview of the design's layout, including an LLC resonant converter, active +12V MOSFETs and DC-DC minor rail converters helping to achieve high performance and efficiency:

Photo courtesy of TechPowerUP
Input filter,
bridge rectifier,
PFC coil,
NTC thermistor,
PFC transistors and boost diode,
hold-up capacitors,
switching transistors,
LLC resonant converter components,
PFC supervisor PCB,
Standby transformer and +5VSB MOSFET,
main transformer (+12V rectifiers on the PCB underside),
DC-DC converters for the minor rails,
secondary filtering capacitors

Andyson's usual stickers and markings are hidden on the first glance, but they are visible on one of Aris' shots if you look closely:


Andyson's transformer stickers always include the "211D" symbol, then a single letter assigning the unit to a particular platform series, and then go on with a single "8" and the transformer's characteristics.

Raidmax RX-1200AZ

# Besides the RX-700AT, Raidmax has also prepared a 1200W 80+ Platinum unit, also based on Andyson's recent top-end designs - the R series 1200W, reviewed at Jonnyguru, Tom's Hardware by Aris, and at Anandtech. The cost and availability of this unit isn't known yet, but if priced appropriately, it stands a chance to be the new value king of the "high-high-end" segment.

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