Thermaltake launches Smart DPS G series, semi-digital units based on CWT's new platform

Posted on September 13, 2015, 14:35

#Thermaltake's PSU department is always full of ideas for new series, but sometimes it does feel like some of their lines are too similar to each other. What does Smart DPS G have in store?

The line consists of a 550W and a 650W unit right now, but 450W and 550W models may appear later. All of them reach 80+ Gold certification efficiency levels.

Series Model OEM Platform Technology Fan operation
Efficiency +12V capacity
Cables Number of PCI-e connectors
Smart DPS G

SPG-0650D-G /

CWT GPS LLC, DC-DC, SR, digital monitoring
Semi fanless 80+
Semi-modular Four

SPG-0750D-G /


The new design is modern, and implements an LLC resonant converter on the primary side to improve efficiency and supply the switchers with zero-voltage switching, the +12V rail is rectified with synchronous MOSFETs, and the minor rails are generated through DC-DC converters attached to the main PCB. The units use Japanese electrolytic capacitors from Nippon Chemi-Con, and polymer capacitors from other brands.

In addition to reliable parts and good performance, the Smart DPS G series also allow for digital monitoring of various statistics via a USB cable. You can see wattage, voltage, fan speed and efficiency data in real time through a Windows application.

The fan controller features passive operation up to 30% load.

The units come with 7 year warranty. The price for the 650W model is around $110 USD and about $130 USD for the 750W model.

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