Thermaltake updates the "Germany series" lineup... again

Thermaltake Germany

Thermaltake's Germany series (including the Munich 430W, Hamburg 530W, and Berlin 630W) will have its OEM switched for the third time.

The very first batch had been manufactured by HEC, then the production promptly switched to Sirfa to use the platform known from High Power Absolute.

The third generation is based on CWT GPK, a well-known design used in Thermaltake Smart SE and many other cheap, 85-88% efficiency power supplies. The naming is odd, because the "430W" model is actually specified for 450W, the 530W for 550W, and the 630W for 650W. They are already available in Germany.

Model OEM Platform Power Operating voltage
Efficiency +12V capacity
Cables Number of PEG connectors
CWT GPK 450W 115-230V 80+ Bronze
408W Fixed 1x 6+2pin
550W 504W 2x 6+2pin
650W 600W
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