Website redesign

If you think the old site's look was out of the 90's, then you'll be happy about a complete redesign. Everything is now coated in a pleasant, comfortable cappuccino colour scheme.

The functionality of the PSU brand pages stays the same - there's info about the OEM, platform, optional changes to the base design, and easy direct links to the internal photos kindly supplied by the websites you see on the right panel of every page. All the photos haven't been ported to the new engine just yet, so you might need to wait just a few more days for that.

The big new feature is the News section; a place for early information about power supplies served months before they hit the market or before they appear anywhere else on the internet. Learn about new products before the manufacturers themselves tell you about it!

Features like detailed analysis of popular platforms, differences between various implementations of the same design, and guides on how to read power supply reviews and test results are on track.

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