Zalman prepares to expand their GVM line

Posted on May 24, 2015, 14:57


Zalman's GVM line currently consists of only two units: an 850W and a 1000W one, both based on the Direct12 Bronze II platform. They will soon meet three less powerful siblings: a 500W, 600W and 700W one.

Applicant, factory and platform details of the new units
Applicant, factory and platform details of the new units

As outlined in the short document above, the OEM stays the same as the rest of the GVM line - Sirfa. 

The HPT platform seems to be a new design, since it didn't appear in any other power supply so far. High Power's usual variant designators state that they certainly aren't aiming for high end territory: BR, ST and AP symbols respectively mean that the platform is designed to achieve 80+ Bronze level of efficiency at most, with the lower variant achieving just the 80+ Standard and the lowest one not even complying with 80+ at all (BR stands for Bronze, ST for Standard, and AP for Active PFC).

Other details such as power distribution, number of cables, modularity or price are unknown for now.

Model OEM Platform Photo Operating voltage
Efficiency +12V capacity
Cables Number of PEG connectors
ZM500-GVM Sirfa HPT N/A
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
ZM850-GVM Direct12 Bronze II


80+ Bronze 70.5A
Semi modular
Four 6+2pin on two modular cables
ZM1000-GVM 83A
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